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About Your Agency

At Amadeus Insurance, we focus on a Comprehensive Plan. 

We began with a goal, to help our clients understand how to make insurance work for them. Unlike the cookie-cutter approach that most clients are used to, we prefer to offer a comprehensive plan; we take the holistic approach to match your plan to your insurance needs. We like to focus our services on the needs of those who are underserved in the community. Our goal is to provide every client with simple and convenient insurance solutions. 

Backed by insurance expertise.

To provide a comprehensive plan is more than hoping your agent got it right. While it is essential to have years of experience, it is also crucial to have that experience backed by education. Our goal is to have every one of your agents backed by sound industry expertise by being a Certified Insurance Service Representative and Certified Insurance Counselor. We are your agency designed to meet and exceed every one of your needs.

Your Independent agencies are driven to empower others.

Insurance is usually not simple; it is complex and hardly explained or worded so that everyday clients like yourself can easily understand. Since the industry works this way, we strive to empower our clients with the information and understanding they need. We enjoy serving our clients and helping them understand the benefits insurance has; it doesn't need to be complicated, so we work towards staying in touch through our time together; our goal is to give you peace of mind while providing the most positive and meaningful interaction.

We do Insurance BETTER!

The majority of companies are online these days. With insurance leading the charge, however, We need to be different, somewhat better! Being a digital agency doesn't mean a lack of personalization; we strive to give you digital convenience, benefiting on-hand customer service. We are a local business seeking to offer the best personalized service that the larger agencies don't provide. There is no size fit all or a cookie cutter method. Instead, it is offering a quality service. 

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