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Film Production Insurance

Be ready for close-ups, not claims, with Film Production insurance.

Making movies can be a risky business. Sets are potentially hazardous, and stunts are inherently dangerous. In addition, weather and ill actor, or myriad other unforeseen circumstances, can play a role in production delays. Ensure your productions run smoothly without added costs from lawsuits and injury claims with Film Production insurance.

Film Production Coverage

While every film is a little different, any production company should, at a minimum, consider the following coverage options:

  • General liability: Protects in the case of property damage or injury claims from a third party.

  • Professional liability: Covers the company if a third party takes legal action against them, such as libel or defamation of character.

  • Workers compensation: Protects production companies should their employees become sick or injured in an accident on the job.

  • Equipment: Protects all equipment associated with the company.


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