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Insurance for Accountants & Financial Service Providers

Ensure CPAs & Financial Services clients are safe from significant expenses due to claims.

The financial business is personal, and, unfortunately, mistakes can and do happen. We protect financial planners from losses should an unfortunate situation arise. We give clients peace of mind that their own finances are safe while they manage money for others.

Calculated Coverage

Accountants and financial planners spend their time calculating finances for others and need to consider the following coverage to protect their business from claims:

  • Errors & Omission (E&O) or Professional Liability: Protects from claims of negligence or improper work from the third party.

  • Business Owners Policy (BOP): If your client owns their own business, a BOP policy includes General Liability and Physical Damage insurance for property, including any inventory inside, in the event of a covered loss.

  • Worker's Compensation: Coverage that protects employers and employees when someone is injured on the job.


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