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Insurance for Architects & Engineers

Keep architects & engineers safe from the unique risks involved in the creation and construction of structures.

Designing and creating bridges, buildings, and skyscrapers, to name a few, is exciting yet risky. Plans may fail, unexpected delays may occur, or someone may be injured on a job site. Don't let these unfortunate possibilities affect your ability to continue creating Architect & Engineering coverage designed specifically for these occupations.

What types of coverage do Architects & Engineers need?

  • Errors & Omissions (E&O): Protects from claims of negligence or improper work from a third party.

  • General Liability: Covers property damage and bodily injury from third-party claimants.

  • Commercial Auto: Covers damage and liability on the company's work-related vehicles.

  • Pollution Liability: Protects from the ramifications of an accidental pollution event such as mold.


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