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Insurance for Pest Control Companies

We want our clients to focus on fighting pests, not claims, with insurance coverage designed to meet the unique needs of pest control companies.

Battling bugs can be dangerous work and is ever-evolving as new technologies arise. That includes Pest control work comes with a significant risk of bodily harm from having to access difficult locations around homes and businesses and from a bite or sting from a pest. In addition, claims may arise from injured employees or disgruntled clients. Help protect your clients from these genuine possibilities by finding appropriate coverage!

What Coverage Should Pest Companies Carry?

There are several types of coverages pest companies should consider carrying. In addition to these coverages, because of the high rate of exposure to liability that pest control companies face, they should consider adding an umbrella/excess policy.

  • General Liability: Covers property damage and bodily injury from third-party claimants (property owners). Chemicals used in pest control may cause illness or injury to homeowners, small children, or pets or damage a homeowner's property.

  • Worker's Compensation: Protects pest employees if they become sick or injured on the job. This will pay for medical costs and lost wages.

  • Property Insurance: Pest companies store several chemicals that may expose the business property to several exposures like incorrect storage, toxic fumes, flammability, theft, and more.

  • Professional liability: Covers pest companies if a third party takes legal action against them, alleging they provided advice or recommendations that resulted in a loss or injury.

  • Product liability insurance: Protects pest companies from claims due to faulty materials or chemicals used on a job.

  • Commercial Vehicle: Covers damage and liability on the pest companies' work vans and other vehicles.

  • Inland Marine Coverage: Protects tools and equipment, including chemicals and supplies, during transport.

  • Tools and Equipment Coverage: Protects against the loss of owned, borrowed, rented, and leased tools and equipment.

  • Pest Inspection Damage Liability Coverage: Although unintentional, sometimes damages can occur to a property through the pest inspection and are costly to repair.

  • Pollution Liability: Protects pest controllers from the ramifications of an accidental pollution event from chemicals used to spray for bugs. Companies that need protection should include a client or employee file a claim.


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