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We are your Independent Agency

At Amadeus Insurance, our goal is to empower you to feel confident with your insurance choice. Our philosophy is that by providing the best explanation with the benefits of a comprehensive insurance plan, you will have peace of mind.

Reasons to Trust Your Agency

We live up to our standards to provide you with the perfect combination of Time, Scope, and Cost. What exactly does that mean? It means that we don't like to waste your time; we are upfront about the time it will take to go from your current provider to a comprehensive plan. We are also excellent at providing you with a quality understanding. And lastly, we focus on cost; cheap isn't always good, and it shows with others; it's about balance, providing a unique variety that gives you protection.

We do not guess. When talking about insurance, it is essential that you make the best-educated decision on your time. We will not pressure you to go with the most expensive or the worst coverage; we provide quality education with a proper explanation to allow you a chance to make informed decisions, with peace of mind, knowing we crafted the best plan for you. 

Have you ever purchased an insurance policy and had to do all the work by yourself? You need to file a claim, and I am unsure which number to call or which department to help expedite your issue. With Amadeus Insurance that is not an issue; with us, you aren't on your own. We are here for you when you need us most; whether you have a claim or question, you can get in touch with us. And will do all the heavy lifting on your behalf. It's important to know you have a team in your corner at all times.

Your needs are unique; your coverage should be too! Our goal is to find that coverage that matches your needs; we take thinking outside the box to a new dimension!  

Allowing us to help, is only the first step, unlike other agency, that say, "Signing the dotted line is not the last step" which usually means it is. We take our relationship serious! Our first step if working together, and it only starts there, we follow up like there is no tomorrow and we guarantee, that when someone asks who do you work with for your insurance needs, it won't, " I think Amadeus Insurance" it'll be "Amadeus Insurance". We want you to know your team! 

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